Welcoming All Parts and Aspects of a Person

This attitude is known as Deep Democracy. Deep Democracy suggests that all voices, states of awareness, and configurations of reality, are important and necessary to understand the complete process of a system. A deeply democratic attitude brings to awareness voices that are both central and marginal, creating space for diversity, within the self, as well as within groups. Integrating information beyond immediate goals brings a better understanding of the dynamics unfolding within a system, and a deeper stability.

Discovery of Hidden Gifts and Strengths in Challenges and Obstacles

Challenges, when met as possibilities holding seeds of insight and transformation, provide an outlet through which we can expand our awareness and resiliency. Revealed are directions which point toward generative change. Intrinsic, though sometimes surprising, solutions result – but ones naturally suited for the unique system they evolved from.


In unearthing the insights and wisdom from the challenges that cross our path we can expand our awareness, increasing our capacity to move with the bumps of life. For many people this leads to an increase in energy and heightened sense of well-being as they are no longer spending as much time simply reacting to the things that disturb them.