Work with me to come into alignment and catalyze your potential.

You are multifaceted, a network of inner and outer relationships and experiences. When the different facets of you are in alignment, more is possible than you could imagine. When they are out of sync, you may feel lost, disjointed, or unable to see the larger picture.

I support inward and outward alignment. When we are in alignment we can connect with our core knowing and engage a broader perspective. This allows us to respond to a variety of experiences with ease. In alignment we can access a sense of wellbeing amidst the unpredictable. On this journey “problems” become vehicles for development, personally and professionally. Together we transmute challenges and tension into potential and momentum that deepens capacity.


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About Catalyst

 As a coach, teacher, and facilitator, I believe that behind every challenge is a doorway to its innate solution. The edge of our comfort zone is the exact place where growth can happen and where dynamic insights can be reached. In the journey, I engage clients to come into greater alignment with their purpose and to engage their spectrum of innate capacities.  This alignment enhances your presence and brings you to your space of greatest impact, which supports inner direction, an ability to find ease in complexity and flow in your interactions.

Focusing on communication, I support clients expression and engagement. I partner with you to streamline the flow of ideas into reality, and to engage and shift  blocks and tension into supportive movement. This creates flow and enhances relationships and collaboration. 

Drawing on my background in visual art and love of network theory I utilize imagery, pattern awareness and metaphor to convey the nuance of each situation. By mapping patterns, and zooming in and out to see the details and the larger picture, we make what is implicit, explicit. With this perspective, clients gain clarity and choice.

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